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Dr. M.A. Khanday has been appointed as Director South Campus, University of Kashmir on December 20, 2021 (Tenure position) for a period of five years. He is working on substantive basis as Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of Kashmir, Srinagar (holding lien). He joined the Department in the year 2003 immediately after the completion of his masters programme in Mathematics. He qualified JRF/NET (CSIR) in 2003 as a first candidate from the Jammu and Kashmir in Mathematical Sciences. He has done his PhD in Mathematical Biology and his primary research area is Biomechanics and Mathematical Modelling. He has completed four major research projects and two minor projects funded by the UGC, NBHM, SERB-DST and MPDST. He has supervised six PhD scholars, two M.Phil students and trained four project fellows till date. Currently, three PhD students are under his supervision working on diverse problems on Human physiology including models on Drug Transport phenomena, oxygen and carbondioxide transport, enzyme kinetics, tracer kinetics, tumor growth modelling etc.


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DepartmentSubjectCourse TaughtSemester
MathematicsM.Sc. Mathematics IAdvanced Abstract Algebra-I1
NanotechnologyMSc NanotechnologyIntroduction to Mathematics-I1
MathematicsM.Sc. Mathematics IIBiomathematical Modelling2
NanotechnologyMSc NanotechnologyIntroduction to Mathematics II2
MathematicsM.Sc. Mathematics IIIOrdinary Differential Equations3
MathematicsM.Sc. Mathematics III OE/GEIntroduction to Mathematical Modelling3
MathematicsM.Sc. Mathematics IVPartial Differential Equations4