As an important human endeavour, mathematics has come to be recognised as the language of science in that there is hardly any field of science which has not been profoundly affected by mathematics. This ubiquitous influence of mathematics even beyond the world of science, not excluding in arts and in social sciences, is an indication of the extent to which mathematics has become part of the curriculum in all branches of knowledge over the years. For an informed understanding of the world around us and for the progress of our society, it is absolutely essential to create an awareness of mathematics in our society and to train our youth in the art of mathematics. Besides the utilitarian aspect of mathematics which beckons to a host of avenues for employment in diverse areas of human activity, every attempt is made to convey the thrill and excitement of mathematics to the students and to exciting opportunities that are available in pursuing a career in mathematical research. Apart from mathematical pedagogy which constitutes an important component of the academic programme of the department, attention is also devoted to the pursuit of research in which the members of the faculty have made useful contributions over a period of time. As part of its mission, the department shall continue to strive to achieve excellence, both in teaching as well as in research.

Prof. S. Pirzada
Head Of Department