Date Sheet for MA/M.Sc Mathematics I Semester (Backlog) 2015-2018 Batches

Date Sheet  for M.A/M.Sc. Mathematics 1st Semester

Backlog: 2015-2018 Batches, Session Spring-2020


Time: 2.30 PM

Day & Date

Course No./ Title of the Course


07-09-2020 (Monday)

Advanced Abstract Algebra-I

(MM15101CR/MM 17101CR/MM 18101CR)

08-09-2020 (Tuesday)

Real Analysis-I

(MM15102CR/MM17102CR/ MM18102CR)

09-09-2020 (Wednesday)



10-09-2020 (Thursday)

Theory of Matrices

(MM15104DCE/MM17104DCE/ MM18105DCE

11-09-2020 (Friday)

Theory of Numbers-I


12-09-2020 (Saturday)

Advanced Calculus


14-09-2020 (Monday)

Probability Theory MM15107DCE/MM17107DCE

Theory of Probability MM18104 CR

15.09.2020 (Tuesday)


Numerical Analysis, MM18107DCE

Numerical Methods MM17001GE

Calculus MM17001OE





Head of the Department


Note: 20 MCQ’s and 10 MCQ’s shall be asked respectively for 4-credit and 2-credit courses. Students will be given 30 minutes for 4-credit courses and 15 minutes for 2-credit courses to submit their responses. The test will be followed by the viva-voce.