Programme OfferedM.A/M.Sc. Mathematics
                     2 years/ 4 semesters

Intake Capacity:         50 + 15 (Self-financed seats) + 04 Govt Sponsored teacher candidates

Eligibility Criteria
      Three-year B.A/B.Sc; with Mathematics/Applied Mathematics as one of 
                                    the subjects.

Course Titles



MM- CR -101 Advanced Abstract Algebra-I
MM –CR- 102 Real Analysis-I
MM- CR- 103 Topology

MM- EA -104 Theory of Numbers-I
MM- EA -105 Matrix Algebra
MM –EA- 106 Computational Mathematics
MM- EA -107 Advanced Calculus
MM -EA -108 Probability Theory
MM- EO -109 Other Allied + Open


MM -CR -201 Discrete Mathematics   
MM- CR -202 Real Analysis-II    
MM- CR- 203 Complex Analysis-I   

MM- EA -204 Theory of Numbers-II  
MM -EA- 205 Operation Research  
MM –EA- 206 Fourier Analysis  
MM- EA- 207 Linear Algebra
MM -EA- 208 Numerical Analysis
MM -EA- 209 Mathematical Modelling

MM- EA- 210 Integral Equations

MM- EO- 211 Other Allied + Open

Semester III

1. Ordinary Differential Equations
2. Functional Analysis-II

Optional Courses
3. Advanced Topics in Topology & Modern Analysis
4. Abstract Measure Theory
5. Theory of Numbers-I
6. Advanced Topics in Mathematical Modelling
7. Operations Research
8. Computer Programming
9. Advanced Topics in Linear Algebra

 Semester IV
1. Partial Differential Equations
2. Differential Geometry

Optional Courses
3. Advanced Topics in Functional Analysis
4. Advanced Topics in the Analytic Theory of Polynomials
5. Theory of Numbers-II
6. Advanced Topics in Graph Theory
7. Mathematical Statistics
8. Wavelet Analysis
9. Banach Algebras and Spectral Theory

Research Programmes Offered:
  M. Phil. 
  Ph. D.

Thurst Areas
1. Complex Analysis
2. Functional Analysis
3. Graph Theory
4. Mathematical Modelling/Bio-Mathematics